Distrubed – Down With The Sickness (SubVibe Dubstep Remix)

Last week I had the most amazing week of my life in the States, today I was back in work in the cold UK.  Greeted by a massive backlog of emails, uncompleted work that I’d left for people and generally struggling through still feeling pretty jet lagged, lets just say that today wasn’t a brilliant one.  So when I got home I know I needed something heavy and pumping and super fucking stress relieving.  Que this beast!

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest metal fan in the world so when I first randomly clicked this track I didn’t really expect to remember it as much as I did.  But from the get go, with that thundering bass drum and metal guitar riff which is quickly followed up with an almost drum and bass style intro leading into the hook and the first ROCKING drop, I can’t help but get extremely fired up.  This is now my go to stress relief tune.  All that heavy bass and those Skrillex style Dubstep screams is complimented with some nice low moments that really accentuates those intense drops and on the third and final drop we get a slight up change of tempo to really throw the tune out in style.

An if you follow it up with this, all the day’s stresses are gone.  God I love Dubstep…

I also wanna give a big thanks to all my new subs!  Thanks for following and showing love, would buzz off seeing some comments as well!  LOVE YA! x


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