Rednek, the UK’s BIG BASS Champion!

Rob D’Riche, AKA Rednek is a man of serious passion when it comes to music.  No newcomer to the scene, the man has been doing his thing for over 10 years with varying degree’s of success.  It is only in the last few years that I’ve been onto to him but I have to say, EVERY track has been worthy of a repeat play.  Impeccable production skills, memorable lyrics and some of the best, funniest (Breadwin, They Call Me anyone?) and most original music videos in recent years.  The man definitely knows what he’s doing.  A true lover of big bass music and a staunch supporter of the UK Dubstep scene, Rednek is a man on a clear mission.

But that alone isn’t what makes Rob great.  Through the many social media platforms, Rob interacts daily with his fans.  Talks to them, has a laugh with them, hell he even plays GTA with them!  There are not many artists at any level, let alone Rob’s that do this.  It’s through this hardcore fan interaction that his true passion shines through.  You can really tell that it’s not only his music he cares for, but his fans as well.  He is a true living legend and I wish him every success in the future.  The industry needs more artists like Rob, he is a shining example of what can come of hard work and dedication and deserves everything that is surely coming to him!

Rob, seriously mate, all the very best!

Check out some of the best videos from Rednek below and be sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter as well.


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