Shekel – You Can’t Spell Laughter Without Slaughter

I’m having a complete mental block and I’m in one of those moods where nothing sounds good.  Frustratingly this doesn’t work well when you trying to write a music blog.  So I gave up looking for something new and thought I would fall back on an old favorite.

Shekel is one of the most memorable Dubstep producers I’ve heard.  Over the years I’ve listened to 1000’s of Dubstep tracks, most of which I’ve forgotten about.  But tracks like You Can’t Spell Laughter Without Slaughter, This Isn’t Our Planet, Persian Mayhem and Tarantino are to me, pretty unforgettable in a genre full of forgettable records.  Shekel’s distinctive skill with low frequency oscillation is clear in all his tracks and blended together with reverberating bass and some other pretty unique elements keeps Shekels tracks original and enduring.

The sad thing is though, that Shekel hasn’t released any new material for a while now and hasn’t posted any updates re where he’s up to.  I’m praying the dude hasn’t hung up his gloves already and hoping for an ear splitting return sometime soon.  Shekel, If you read this, come back dude, we fuckin love you!


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