Butch Clancy – Up’s and Down’s

Butch Clancy, the big bass loving, Detroit born producer, with a back catalog of insane, sub destroying tracks  is a guy I’ve had my eye, or rather ear, on for a while.  Ever since hearing the man’s smash introduction, Russian Lullaby I’ve been hooked.  With a repertoire for colossal bass lines and mesmerizing synths along with a talent for keeping things fresh and interesting, Butch is a producer who is guaranteed to succeed.

One of Butch’s latest tracks, Up’s and Down’s, is no different.  A bass line of unimaginable strength coupled with an addictive drum line and that imposing baritone sax makes for yet another unforgettable Butch Clancy track.  And the ultra low frequency sub bass in the last 40 or so seconds of the track is fucking killer!

Follow the man on Facebook and Twitter and check some of the other tracks (Russian Lullaby, Electro Flex, Far Away From Me especially!) on his Soundcloud and on the tube.




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