Music Heals – Mix

Music is a powerful force.  It can influence emotion, alter state of minds and impact thinking.  It can hype us up, calm us down, prepare us and some instances even heal us, both mentally and physically.  The right combination of rhythm and bass floods the brain the with endorphins, acting as a distraction to the world around and allowing you to experience some semblance of  joy when at times it can seem impossible.

So, EDM, as it is, at it’s core is electronic music, created in a such way that enables any sound, any vibe, any frequency to be hit.  Endless amalgations spawned to create an ocean of curative sound.  What ever you require; a europhic melody, a syncopated rhythm, a storming bass line  or an uplifting vocal track you will find it here.  Is EDM the House of House Music?

The following tracks have recently helped me get through great sadness and loss.  They are loud, calm, angry, melodic, pumping, fast, slow and most importantly varied.  Variety is after all, the spice of life!  Enjoy.


And, this. ❤


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