Foster the People – Best Friend (Swanson Remix)

A simply beautiful Progressive House track by 18 year old Melbourne based producer Swanson. A remix of Foster The People’s, Best Friend; the original however is hard to hear and this track is definitely Swanson’s own.

The lyrics are put to hauntingly good effect over an uplifting and bouncy track. The transitions are what make this record though, they are perfectly done and again make beautiful use of the original lyrics.

I love the message in this track, in the lyrics. I kinda think Swanson did to (am I right @Swanson, let me know!), the track has been rearranged in such a way it put emphasis on the message more than the original. It creates a poignancy that works very well and I love the feel! Shout to the friends getting my through this, we’re getting there! 🙂    <—— You should also check this!


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