Jun Tzu – The Troubles


Belfast Born, Manchester Bred. The political poet whose lyrics hit harder than a sledge hammer swung by the HULK. Taking lot of inspiration from Belfast where he was born and blending it with the gritty Manc style where he raised was to create a truly unique, impacting and memorable sound that is guaranteed to turn your ear! That is Jun Tzu.

The Troubles is a great introduction to the man if you’ve not heard him before. With the traditional Irish Tin Whistle leading the charge of Jun’s energetic and clearly very personal lyrics. Black Smiths were master’s of Iron, Gun Smiths masters of powder. Jun Tzu is a Word Smith. His wordplay is fucking flawless. Every word leading to the next and grabbing your ears and not letting go. The man puts his time, effort and heart into his music and it clearly shows!

Jun has just dropped his new album also entitled the Troubles, full review coming very soon and we will be getting an interview with the man himself on his launch tour at the International Musicians House Gig in Manchester 16th August.

And below check out the video for what is undeniably one of the best UK Hip Hop tracks EVER.




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