Dance With The Dead – Near Dark LP

Dance with the Dead are back with an absolutely riotous cavalcade of synths, electric guitars, thundering bass lines and epic electronic beats. Quickly becoming the masters of the Synth Wave 80’s revival, Near Dark is already the third album from the Californian duo.

The album is savage blend is Electronica, Synth Revival, Pop Pock and Experimental which all comes together surprisingly well to create a unique and fresh sounding LP while still retaining that originality that DWTD bring to all their work. Synth Revival can all start to sound a bit samey but these guys always manage something new and exciting. True musical talent!

Stand out tracks on the album for me are the brilliant Midnight Never Ends, a pumped up power track with an awesome guitar line streaking over the top. And Eye of the Storm, a truly beautiful modern musical composition of the highest caliber. The way the track builds and builds and is just perfect and a true testament to what these musical geniuses can come up with!



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