R.I.P Nicky Da B!

 A lot of you will no doubt be aware of the very sad and untimely death of New Orleans bounce artist Nicky Da B, most well known as the voice and face of Diplo’s smash hit, Express Yourself. An exceptionally talent and vibrant individual, Nicky was a true pioneer and innovator in the NOLA bounce, the home grown sound of New Orleans dance scene from where twerking originated.

 Nicky always knew where his place was. He wanted to be the future of NOLA bounce and made no attempt to hide this. Introuduced to the scene at the age of 14 by legend Big Freedia and Katey Red, Nicky started his mentoring as a dancer before becoming a rapper.

 Nicky had just released his colab with German dance duo Schlachthofbronx, entitled Lights Off. A glimpse of Nicky’s BIG future perhaps?

 Nicky was a man of passion, of humour and of desire. He knew where wanted to be and he was 100% committed to getting there. He helped moved NOLA out of New Orleans and into the mainstream and at the same time brightened up many a crowd as he passed through. The music scene will miss him dearly!

 “I don’t even have a fear or worry of anything when I’m onstage,” he said. “My main fear is that I hope I won’t drop the mic if my hands are sweaty. If I switch hands and it still falls to the floor, then I just lay on the floor and rap.”




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