Bassnectar ft Donnis – Noise

 I’m a bit late to the party with this one but f@#K…..this track…..

You can always rely on Bassnectar to bring something a bit different and this insane Dubstep Electro Hip Hop influenced infusion is no different. A sub bass line that rumbles menacingly like a heard of African elephants, the distorted, ethereal keys of a classical pianist on acid along with the usual accompaniment of screeching synths, syncopated rhythms and prototype esque beats that Bassnectar is known for lay the ultimate big bass foundation for Donnis to flow over as flawlessly as a rising tide! And that hook…I DO WHAT I WANNA DO, I DO WHAT I LIKE! A very addictive record!

The track is taken from Bassnectars most recent release, Noise Vs Beauty. There are over 50 colabs on this album and genuinely one of the most interesting and entertaining releases in our beloved genre for a while.

Bassnectar headlined a night in my home city of Manchester, UK a few years and something unexpected kept me away. Always regretted it! If you ever get the chance to see this guy spin live, TAKE IT!

Noise Vs Beauty is available now


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