Yung Stonerz – No Option

I’ve been getting a lot of Hip Hop sent to me recently and the vast majority does nothing to stand out.  I’ve just been sent this track and from the outset  could hear this was a level above.  As soon as Glyzz opens his mouth and starts to flow my thoughts were confirmed and the way the two rappers effortlessly careen through the track confirms this further .  The duo, known collectivly as Yung Stonerz gel and lyrically interweave with other flawlessly, carrying verse into chorus and back to verse, throwing words to and from one another  dexterously like playing a game of catch.

The 808 kick led beat has a very chilled, relaxed but playful vibe about it.  Slickly produced and cleanly assembled the record and the duo definetly stand out in crowd thats getting increasingly difficult to stand out in.

Yung Stonerz are a Hip Hop duo hailing from Farmerville, Louisana made of rappers Recc & Glyzz.  The aspirational duo list there most important influences as God first, Family second and Money third.  Of course though, you can’t go by a name like Yung Stonerz without that good dank as well!

Check out the track, head on over to their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages and make sure to Follow on Twitter!

https:\\ – Yung Stonerz
https:\\ – Recc
https:\\ – Glyzz


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