Jep Roadie – Jam Jam

I love getting music sent to me, I love being approached by true talent and I LOVE finding diamonds in the rough. This Jep Roadie track is exactly that, a true diamond.

A slowed sample of the hook from AWOL Nations Sail, laced with 808 kicks and an almost calming rumble of bass like a rolling storm on the horizon create the foundation for Jep to spit his impeccable lyrics over.

The lyrics themselves are cleverly divulged and well written. Jep’s got a very unique flow and there’s a definite intelligence there which is clearly audible in his music. I love the way he raps and is able to change up his style mid verse, from aggressive and fast to slowed down and on point, there is true talent here behind whichever mic Jep is standing.

Jep is a New Bedford, MA native who now resides in Connecticut and has spent most of his younger years breaking down and learning everything he can about Hip Hop and Rap culture to further expand his knowledge of the industry. I’ve already said there’s an intelligence there that you can hear and the more I read about the man, the more I believe. Jep describes his music as an outlet for his emotions and problems that are hard to deal with. This is REAL music from a man who writes from his soul and is not afraid to expose his insecurities and bare all! Appreciate it!

Check out Jep Roadie now!


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