Logic – Under Pressure

Tracks only been playing a few seconds and already got a big grin on my face. Logic’s flow, the ease in the way he rolls every word off his tongue, the guy is another level. The lyrics are so perfectly delivered, not a fault can be found with this track, seriously. With this track Logic makes technical rapping and spitting absolute fire look as easy as riding the proverbial bike!

Logics exquisitely delivered bars are laid over the top of percussion led rolling beat backed up with tight guitar riffs and a nice low bassline. Throw a couple of compelling change ups into the mix and Under Pressure is the result.

I tweeted earlier today about how I just checked the Billboard Hip Hop Top 10 and how it saddened me to see what people call REAL Hip Hop these days. SO, is Hip Hop really dead? Not when you’ve got rappers like Logic around still making that REAL music!

Logic, if I can get a Retweet on this I’ll f&@kin love ya forever!

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/under-pressure-single/id916416896 PURCHASE



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