Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux ft Kalibwoy Karlito – Legends

Some of that of good Dutch stuff!! Yellow Claw, the Amsterdam hailing natives and BIG BASS pioneers are quick becoming the benchmark in synth heavy, electro streaking sub bass power. Their tracks have been raising roofs the world over for a few years now and they are achieving some serious acclaim with their releases.

Their latest absolute banger is a colab between Cesqeaux and a man gaining much notoriety recently, the Suriname native who now resides in Amsterdam, Kalibwoy Karlito.

A crazy synth heavy choral line screams over the top of a thundering, hard hitting compressed bassline with Kalibwoys dominating voice echoing his war chant over the top.

The track is frantic, loud and crazy. It’s a thundering, empowering, riotous piece of serious bass filled electronic perfection that hits as hard as a US Tomahawk against an entrenched ISIS position!


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