Red Gold Album Art

HERE IT IS! The long awaited, much anticipated follow up album from the UK’s very own big bass champion and Electronic Music Pioneer, Rednek. The album is a riotous cavalcade of Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Big Room, Drum Step and Ballads and features cameos and colabs from some of the biggest names in the UK scene including Kele Le Roc, So Solid’s Harvey and Harry Shotta to name but a few! The record is a perfectly conceived and impeccably produced piece of Electronic Bass Music.

The album opens full throttle with a window shaking Trap monster intro track laced with West Coast Hip Hop samples announcing ‘R E D’ is back and letting you know just what’s in store ahead!

The next track features the first guest of the album in the form of So Solid Crew’s Harvey and is already receiving support from BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Mista Jam. The track débuts Rednek laying down some bars of his own like he’s been rappin’ for years! Harvey follow’s the big mans verse and his flow is impeccable as always; its good to hear him back on a track!

The album careens through in glorious high frequency, low bass style, with Loud Noises speaker wrecking oscillation battering the senses like an attack from a swarm of killer bees and Nuttah Skanks drilling, rumbling bass-line shaking the mind leaving you feeling like you’ve just been riding the audible equivalent of a Cold War era Soviet tram! You will love it, trust me!

Next on the agenda comes Night Terror, a pitched up skank riddim followed by one of the albums more interesting tracks, Hill Bill. A country inspired, banjo backed hook sung by the alluring Novea escorts the listener into an up-tempo Drum Step devastator, which even as I sit here typing has my head swinging wildly! Dead People takes us back to Dubstep, a genre Rednek clearly has much love and affinity for. A seamless, masterful coming together of traditional Jamrock inspired early days UK Dubstep fuses with the more modern, electro heavy elements of the speaker wrecking Wubstep of the modern era.

Fire Alarm features the second cameo on the album from So Solid’s Harvey and is again already receiving support, this time from Mr Eddy Temple Morris himself through his XFM show. I love the tracks hyped up UK Garage feel and really gives Harvey the chance to open up full throttle and spit fire like we all know he can! Hypnotist is a Chill Step mind bender that melts the senses away and makes you feel like you’re stomping through the LA Tar Pits. Human Sound features a cameo from a serious legend hidden within. The colab is a true testament to the level of respect and notoriety Rednek is achieving, being able to assimilate such revered names to his cause!

IMG_2589 Rednek

Breadwin features the distinct vocaling of Spyda of Pendulum’s Taratula fame and is a fun, upbeat piano led rawckus of a track with an already released (and pretty hilarious) official video! Dwarf Carnage is a chiptune inspired bass warrior with the compression levels set to overdrive and features London based Electronic music artist Effskii! Who wants the BASS?

The last two tracks of the album deserve special mention. I’d like to say Redneks saved the best until last but its hard to distinguish when you’re coming to the end of an album that’s as good as this! Riot is a Future Bass Trap calmer, tempo turned right down, bass cranked high and laced with the attitude infused lyrics of the indomitable Karmah Cruz. The track has an ethereal, almost fantasy like feel and is a good wind down after everything that came before. But the final track of the album, the ultimate swan song and a perfect ending to a pretty much perfect album is the incredible Poison featuring none other than UK R&B and Garage legend Kele Le Roc! Kele has an incredible vocal range and is easily able to contend the heavy bass styling’s of a Rednek track. The track also shows what Rednek is able to compose when he breaks from the mould.

The album as a whole is a serious testament to the skill of the producer. Production values are flawless, mastering is perfect, tracks are dexterously conceived and the whole album flows effortlessly like a stream down a mountain. The album shows just what can be done with bass heavy electronic music if you’re not afraid to rednekbreak from the trend and try something a bit different. Apart from one or two of the heavier tracks which may only resonate with the fiercest of bass heads, the album is very listen-able to a wide ranging audience. Rednek has expressed his frustration at times on the ever changing attitudes of the UK Dance Music scene, the Dubstep scene in particular and the difficulty in getting air play and club spots playing and producing the music he puts out. I’m glad he’s stuck doing what he clearly loves and not changed his heart to match the vanity of others. Rob, you most definitely are, the UK’s Big Bass Champion and this album is a true attestation to your masterful ability as a music producer.

Red Gold is  released by Freak Store Records exclusively on Beatport AVAILABLE NOW HERE!


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