Tinman – Verses And Relationships ALBUM REVIEW


It’s rare to start a review in this manner, normally I wrap up with something like this but with Tinman and his début album Relationships & Verses I feel the need to be different and make a statement right from the off. So here it is, Tin Man is talent. It’s obvious from the very first track all the way to the last. With a tiny bit of polishing and a lot of exposure, this guy WOULD sell records! Record labels take note! Anyway, on to the actual review.

Relationships & Verses is the debut album from Josh Tinner, the Evansville, Indiana native known as The Tin Man.

The album is a fusing of classic Hip Hop all the through the ages from early years street bangers to the avant garde modern era Rap spliced with a sound of the blues and intersected with subtle classical elements. The album encompasses and contains aspects from many different genres that are all masterfully entwined to create a sound that stands out and album that demands you repeat play it.

Tinman is also a very talented writer and his lyric are penned with substance and statement. There is an intelligence behind the message and by just listening you can learn a lot about the man and the way he thinks. Tracks such as The Street and F.W.I, whilst sounding just like another Hip Hop track on the surface have deep seeded meanings and carry a lot of weight. But that’s not saying the album is all heavy, even with the weight being carried, the lyrics are easy to take in and easy to listen to. Tinman has an effortless flow, pronunciation is on point and flawless delivery comes easy which in turn, makes taking the album in easy.


The first track sets the level for standard in production for the rest of the album. The Blues trumpet blowing away and a live acoustic in the chrous played by Michael Hoffman. This resting over a classic but minimalistic Rap drum beat gives you an immediate feeling that the rest of the album ahead is going to be something worth your time. From first track to last, the album keeps things different and is produced almost perfectly. From the ethereal, dream like sound of ‘Shot’ coursing through the beat to the heavy Trap stylings of ‘The Way 2 Get Paid’ and the classic Hip Hop feel of ‘F.W.I’, the record isn’t afraid to change things up and easily captivates.

The entire record is very well put together. It entices you to listen and grabs hold from start to finish. Tinman is a rapper with a solid future. His work ethic and talent combined will ensure that!

Relationships and Verses is available to listen to free through Tinmans Reverb Nation page. Click Here. If you like the album, support and purchase through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or most digital outlets.




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