#TBT | Ghostface Killah – Winter Warz | Nas – One Mic

Throwback Thursday, this week a couple of my favorite Hip Hop tracks plus something else a bit different! Lets get at it!

First up is Ghostface Killah’s 1996 street banger ‘Winter Warz’ taken from his début solo album ‘Ironman’. Coming from inarguably Hip Hop’s most influential collective, Wu-Tang Clan; Ghostface, along with RZA and Method Man was one of the groups more prominent members with his flamboyant, deeply rooted Staten Island style and loud, fast paced flow. On this track hes backed up Masta Killa, U God, Raekwon and most impressively Cappadonna whose last, unending, all conquering verse blows the previous four out of the water and its that verse, that master class in lyrical rhyming and the art of rapping that is the reason why I love this track so much! Unadulterated Hip Hop perfection!


Staying in NYC with of its greatest story tellers and again, inarguably one of Hip Hop’s single biggest influencers, Nas has had a career spanning 25 years and eight consecutive platinum and multi selling platinum albums! ‘One Mic’ is a constantly building, aggressively charged then cooly calm Hip Hop expedition through the dark streets of Brooklyn. Nas’s penmanship as a writer is virtually unrivalled and the lyrics of ‘One Mic’ are no exception.


And we’ll finish up with the ridiculous rap, rock, dubstep infusion from the weed smokin’ Cali Natives Cypress Hill and the loud and rockin ‘Pulled Apart By Horses’ which features a chorus courtesy of Jamrocks own Damian Marley.




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