#TBT Oxide & Neutriuno – Bound 4 Da Reload

For this weeks edition of #TBT we’re gonna hit up some UK Garage courtesy of two of the scene’s most iconic artists DJ Oxide and MC Neutrino better known as simply Oxide & Neutrino. The duo, part of the Garage/Grime group So Solid Crew enjoyed success as part of the collective but attained notoriety as Oxide & Neutrino for their highly polished, expertly executed brand of UKG.

Top of the list has to be the utterly infamous ‘Bound 4 Da Reload’, Oxide & Neutrinos refit and Garage upgrade of the popular Casualty theme music. The duo attained a UK No 1 with the track and the year 2000 was dominated by the sound of ambulance sirens and 2-step garage beats. The track is an infamous piece of UK Garage history and has influenced many genres going on including being a big influence on early Dubstep artists.

oxide and ne

Only Wanna Know You Cos You’re Famous


Rap Dis ft DJ Swiss, Scat-D & Harvey



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