Icicle – Entropy ALBUM REVIEW


Releasing on the 17th November on Shogun Audio is Icicles Sophomore album ‘Entropy’. A blend of a bass heavy Electronic music that encompasses sounds and style across multiple spectrum’s and fuses the music of Drum And Bass, Electronica, Trip Hop, Grime and Hip Hop into a mass brawl of listening pleasure. The sound is dark but enlivened, industrial but fresh and all times, completely unique. Icicle is joined on the album by some top flight vocal aritsts including Manchester’s own Skittles, the divine Sarah Hezen, Foregin Beggars’ Metropolis and the legendary Stuart Procter AKA SP:MC.

The albums first Entropic visiting and album introduction leads us straight into the politically powerful ‘Problem’ ft Skittles. With its commanding rhythm and deep, dark synths burrowing inside you, Skittles lay downs his constitutionally opposed and wisely penned bars to create a powerful opening to the album. Next up, ‘Isolations’ Sci-Fi inspired theme attacks the speakers like an over charged jack hammer while the beat builds with a sense of urgency and dread, stalking your senses like a starved Xenomorph! ‘Mechanisms’ slows the pace with its industrial clanging and clattering rhythm complimenting a synth streaked cavernous sub bass jolt.

Track five gives us our first taste of the hauntingly beautiful vocal styling of French Electronic music singer Sarah Hezen, her stunningly ethicicle 2ereal sound being put to perfect use amongst a joining of dirty Trip Hop drums and high note guitar screams to create the divinely surreal ‘Superimposed’. The album then gives you a second helping of Entropy before moving onto the colab between Icicle and long time MC, Stuart Procter. Its dark and evil undertones and foreboding beat owning the room it plays in and allowing SP:MC to flow with ease before the EP steps up a gear and throws you into the high tempo Drum and Bass destroyer ‘Neutralize’, the track sounding like a barrage of laser fire pulsing away at the back beat.

Sarah Hezen lends her vocal range again to the next track ‘Will You Be Mine’; with its deep synthesized bass and rolling drum beat creating another perfect bed for her to lay her incredible voice over. Next track ‘Amp’ is exactly that, an amped up bass record with a retro 90’s rave vibe and energetic beat providing a slight relief from the dark before the third helping of ‘Entropy’ is dished up quickly followed by the sonorous ‘Acidic’ and its shower of raging energy counting its way to meltdown! ‘The Edges” psychedelic, syncopated beat and distorted electro synthesizers usher in a state of mad calm as the dynamic Metropolis slips in and out of the rhythm to deliver his message.

The penultimate track on the album is a deep bass filled steam roller of percussive sound that obliterates and punches the ear with deft precision while an elated and gnarled midi key sound keeps beat. Finally, ‘Hani’ takes the Future Bass vibe with its glitchy, progressive beat and high pitched vocal cuts before a final dose of ‘Entropy’ closes the EP.

The entire album, just as with anything Icicle puts out, is masterfully produced. The sounds, the technique, the inference to perfect every aspect of the music being created shines through. The EP, although dark and industrial from the surface is remarkably easy to take in with an all together spirited and vigorous vibe resonating within. This again being another example of the overall talent and skill of the producer. ‘Entropy’ is a very worthy listen and a near perfect Sophomore album from an exceptionally talented individual.

Entropy is released 17.11.14 on Shogun Audio http://www.shogunaudio.com





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