Prose – Run With Faith

run with faith

Something special making its way out of Manchester via the airwaves and straight into your ears is this brilliantly spirited fusion of Hip Hop and Alt Rock from future Manc hit makers Prose.

A rough hewn beat stylishly paired with the three piece’s raw acoustic sound carries a hint of Hendrix’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’ and provides the base forprose Prose front man and rapper Mike Murray to recite his Manchester fable over while receiving back up in the choral sections from band mates Lee Royle and David Stone. The track is fresh, its different and does what it sets out to achieve with style and class. The energetic, emotionally positioned beat gets your head nodding and feet tapping and Mike’s expertly delivered bars resonate with the acoustics of the track in blinding fashion. It’s a set-up that works and works well and I for one am very excited about what’s coming from these guys in the future.  If you’re looking to #BeInfluential in the future, this a very good way of going about it!

Checkout Prose and keep an eye on this developing band through the social media links below!




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