Future Influencers – Semaj-Lee

I’m not usually the biggest listener of RnB, I’ll admit it, and the vast majority does nothing for me. I never really considered featuring any on the blog. A lot of RnB is tired, reused and redone. It’s the same subject material sang in pretty much the same way, track after track. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate RnB. There are some tracks and artists I love, Kci & Jo Jo’s ‘All My Life’ for one!

So I got sent a few tracks the other day from a talented new artist called Semaj-Lee and immediately I felt different about what was being delivered. First of all, Semaj has a good voice, obviously the most important factor for any singer. Its strong yet elegant and holds a touch of uniqueness. The two tracks I picked out, ‘semajLoving On You’ and ‘6ft’ are well produced and show variance in Semaj’s range as a vocal artist. ‘Loving On You’ is more your typical smooth RnB joint. A simple but classy beat carries the track with some chopped n screwed elements thrown to keep things interesting. ‘6ft’ takes a slightly darker tone, dealing with a tougher subject matter and showing a different side to the artist. Both tracks exhibit the singer well and demonstrate his more than comfortable ability and range. Definitely an artist to keep a watch out for!

www. twitter.com/BySemaj



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