The Raged – Subvert EP REVIEW


Got some seriously heavy beats sent to me the other day courtesy of Electronic music fire starters The Raged. For those unaware who The Raged are I’ll tell you. They’re a fully formed live Electronic band heavily rooted in the DnB, Techno and Breaks scene and who are already achieving notable success. The Raged have played live to small, intimate club crowds all the way up to festival level all across the UK, Europe and Asia! Recently receiving support and play from XFM’s Eddie Temple Morris and the ‘BBC Introducing’ program as well as air time from BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. The Raged are constantly moving forward and at this pace with this level of quality, success should only be assured! But on to the EP.

First track on the EP is the shortened radio edit of the hauntingly epic ‘Subvert’. It’s a riotous start to the EP with the tempo maxed and the beat furious. All the while a chorus of screaming and whirring synths engage in conflict with an absolutely furious, rumbling bass line. The tracks high pitched electro hits providing good balance to the low synthesized grumbling. A polished piece of bass music that sets the tone high for the rest of the compilation.

Next comes a serious gem and one of my favourite finds this year with ‘Make It Move’. I’ve got to admit, I absolutely f@&king love this track! Cinematic in scope and unwavering in design, the track is a powerhouse in dance music. I kept trying to write this review only to absolutely freak out whenever this track played. It really DOES make you move. It’s massive sound, full of energy and fervour absolutely convinces you to dance. It reaches into the pit of your stomach, into every sensory receptor in your being and floods the body with good feeling. Deep but uplifting horns guide the track, blaring bass and a dynamic beat set the tone and master of ceremonies Raphael Attar flows with passion and style over the top of it all to create this; only one word for it, MASTERPIECE!

the raged 2

How do you follow a track like that then you ask? Simple. You turn down the tempo, simplify the beat and add the ethereally beautiful vocals of singer Hannah Small to create another seriously decent piece of Electronic music. By now, I’m starting to realise that The Raged don’t do things by half, everything is full measure!. The tracks foot tapping beat and soulful rhythm provides the perfect stage for Hannah Small’s gorgeous voice to pierce through the wall of sound creating the EP’s third near-flawless track! ‘Existence’ completes a quartet of original tracks. A dark, Sci-Fi inspired Drum and Bass grinder that stalks and strikes the speakers with primal aggression, building adrenaline and enlivening the soul while staying dark and heavy. One for the late night head down skankers!

The EP also contains three extras. The full version of ‘Subvert’ provides a near 8 minutes of perfectly produced, high octane Drum and Bass and allows the listener to become totally immersed in the beat. There’s an instrumental version ‘My Eyes’. With the dominating vocals of Hannah Small removed, the track gains a darker more combative vibe and demonstrates a highly attuned producing ability. But I saved my favourite for last. A full on, all systems go, hands to the sky 2015 summer festival future anthem version of ‘Make It Move’. Over 8 minutes of this interstellar sure fire hit! Perfect.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening and reviewing this production. Standards are impeccably high. You’ve got to remember, these guys are not just sitting behind a screen, a lot of those sounds, the drum hits, the screeching the raged 3guitars, are played live. I kept getting hints of old Pendulum, when they we’re at their high point. It’s great music. It really is. All talent like this needs is for more people to hear them. The music would do the talking. I’m going to be hunting these guys down and seeing live very soon, I can’t wait to see what they bring raw! ‘Make It Move’ played live. Chills!

The Subvert EP is released 8th December on Raged Recordings and is definitely worthy of being added to your collection. A truly addictive collection of exciting bass music. Preview the EP below and purchase on the 8th of December!




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