Rolaz & BKMG – Deception


Rolaz is back! This time with fellow producer B.K.M.G and the pairing have rolaz 3created another quite extraordinary bass track. Dark, dulcet tones hold back a frequency oscillating bass line that drives itself deep inside your mind; perpetrating a sense of laid back calm. An ominous but spirited piano composition changes the vibe of the track, giving it a feeling of class and urgency. Backed by deep synths and streaked with the echoing calls of an electric guitar, the track is truly epic in scale. It’s mood music, it conjures up deep feelings and sets the scene within the listeners mind. The music tells a story and leads you on a journey. Where that journey goes is completely down to your own imagination!

Music lovers, believe me when I say Rolaz truly is guy to keep an eye on. The man has so much music ready to release, all of what I’ve already heard produced to a very high standard and appeases so many musical wants and desires. The versatility that this guy brings is something else. Producing behind the scenes for many years, Rolaz is now giving himself the push he deserves and you lot are going to be hearing a lot more from him. 2015 is going to be a BIG year!






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