Prose LIVE – Night & Day Cafe, Manchester


Had the amazing opportunity to catch Prose live last night at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe. I’m so glad I made the decision to turn out because I was able to witness yet another Manchester band, still in its infancy yet surely destined for great success! I’m pretty certain I’ll be talking to someone in a few years time and I’ll say “yeah I saw them in 2014 before they blew up!”. Because anyone who was there last night knows it inevitable.

The acoustic Hip Hop band plays together like they’ve done this thousands of times before. Everything is played and delivered perfectly, every strum of the guitar, pluck of the bass, every hit of the drum and of course, every bar spat upon by Prose front man Mike Murray.

mikemurrayprosemanchesterMikes stage presence is one of awe and fixation. The man is a born performer delivering his often emotionally charged lyrics with flawless deft and unwavering precision as well comfortably flirting and joking with the crowd in between tracks. He leads the three piece from the front with style and confidence and is a commanding presence on stage. A surprise of the night, Mike’s not only a very good rapper, he can sing too! His dry, Manc crooner voice hitting all the right notes and ringing out across the venue in style.

But Prose isn’t just Mike Murray and it’s another reason I was really glad to catch them live. Mike’s band mates are serious talent. Lee Royles accomplished skill on the guitar, first on the acoustic and later switching to the electric for a heavier rock sound is plain to see. As well as that he also sings and again, sings well, often being used for the higher or softer sections. Bass Player David Stone, who at one point I was mesmerized watching him pluck away at those four strings with serious skill, later told me he actually doesn’t usually play bass! And just with Mike and Lee before him, David also sings with a voice the complete opposite to Royles. Deep and heavy. The band were also supported by talented drummer Matt Fletcher.


As far a first impressions go, this was a good one. Watching Prose perform to the intimate crowd in the small Northern Quarter music venue, you can easily imagine them in a much bigger setting dominating the room and the crowd in exactly the same manner. They’re a skilled collective of musicians that play very good music with the style and professionalism of any top flight act. There is no comparison to the acts that they followed, Prose was on a completely different level!

Prose are all over the country at the moment as well as having their track ‘Run With Faith’ played all week on the BBC Radio. Check them soon!




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