Nacey ft Angel Haze – I Own It (JAUZ REMIX)

jauz nacey

A bit slow on the pickup with this one but still, it NEEDED to be posted. Better late than never!

It’s no secret the love we’ve got for JAUZ at Our Bass Addiction. The young man is an exceptionally talented music produjuz 3cer who is sky rocketing to fame and success thanks to release after release of originally created, big impacting bass music. With production values as high as the kids ambition and with as much scope and variety as the pacific ocean the future is only gonna be big for the #sharksquad leader!

This remix of Nacey’s ‘I Own It’ is a tremendous example of that nigh on perfect sound he creates. With its bouncy, progressive beat, sexy as fv€k deep bass, masterful electronic synth patterns and Angel Haze’s distorted and cut vocal track laid over the top, the record is masterful remix that demands you bounce and move to its hypnotic rhythm.




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