Back2You Recordings – Inception Vol 2 EP

back2you records inception vol 2

Back2You Recordings have just dropped their latest EP, ‘Inception Vol 2’ for your listening pleasure. A showcase of some of the industry’s fastest developing artists and producers, The second ‘Inception’ EP features a host of different artists playing across different genres including House, DnB and Hip Hop to give you a taste of what the Back2You label has to offer!

The 5 track EP opens with Back2You label boss Joe Nebula mixing up some seriously well crafted vibrant DnB. Soulful, happy vibes ring through the core of ‘I’m Willing’ while the beautiful vocal styling’s of Patricia Edwards joenebulacharm you into falling head over heels for the track. ‘I’m Willing’ has recently received much admiration as well as featuring as a part of the BBC’s ‘Introducing’ project and is a class act in DnB; with the edit being used featured as the last track on the EP. Next track dives down the Mariana trench for some seriously deep sounds courtesy of House producer Revolver ^ Leona. ‘Start Again’s bouncy rhythm and earthy synths harmoniously connect while a deep sub bass line envelopes around the beat. Ethereal vocals give the track a polished finish and drives the feel of the track even deeper.

Rolaz treats us to a master class in beat production with ‘Crystal Skies’. A powerful drum beat gets paired with hauntingly persistent organ to create a rolazmanchestersimple yet poignant track ready for rapper E.G Ketchmore to unleash over in furiously perfect fashion. Ketchmore’s flow, voice, delivery, everything is on point. The progressive Hip Hop beats kicks up a gear in the second act throwing the beat into overdrive and giving Ketchmore the opportunity to spit absolute fire over the warp speed beat; the track being given a final mastering by Joe Nebula. Finally, Kerkrade gives us ‘Blick Cadilliac’ and raps up the EP with another DnB track, this time of the chilled, liquid affair. Something to wind
down to.

The tracks on the EP demonstrate the scope, range and ability of British and beyond talent. Each track and the artists on it being hang picked for producing something a cut above the rest. The Back2You label is an exciting one to keep an eye with a whole host of emerging talent under its fold. The ‘Inception Vol 2’ EP is a worthy addition to any bass music enthusiasts collection!




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