zhu 2

Following all the recent speculation regarding the producers real identity; thanks in part to that announcement from Skrillex the other day, the DJ known only as ZHU has given his first proper interview. However! And it is a big HOWEVER. The DJ has still remained anonymous refusing to reveal his identity!

In what is now blatantly a wind up, Skrillex interrupted the ZHU set at Sterosonic Brisbane with an interlude of ‘My Name Is Skrillex’ before finally thanking the crowd and announcing that he “hoped you loved the ZHU project”.

This little troll nearly broke the EDM Zeitgeist for a few short moments before the rumour was quickly quashed. It has been widely circulated that ZHU is a 25 year old Cali producer called Steven Zhu. Furthermore, Billboard practically confirmed this in November and even earlier, the guys at doandroidsdance.com worked it all out in February! That next to the fact while ZHU made his debut at Hard Day Of The Dead this year, Skrillex was playing at Voodoo Fest!

ZHU chose to speak with Lewis McKirdy of Tzhu 3riple J Radio in Australia. The interview includes talk of ZHU’s production process including how he creates those awesome vocals. And of course covers the reasons for choosing to make music anonymously.

For now, the rumours and speculation regarding ZHU’s identity will remain. I for one can’t wait for more music!



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