Afro Sam, Blind MIC, Cheech – Vagabonds Song OFFICIAL VIDEO


Seriously, Manchester is absolutely on fire at the moment with the likes of Prose and LEVELZ destroying the scene and now we’ve got this absolute f**king gem a record from Room2 Records label members Afro Sam, Blind MIC and Cheech with production credit going to Kydro.

And starting with that Kydro beat because it is BIG. A chilled, down tempo, heaving padding rhythm sets the tone as a deep, Chello-type bass growls underneath before a staggeringly beautiful piano and strings pairing lifts the track to another, blissful plane. It is a stunningly conceived and immaculately executed piece of music production and creates the perfect scene for the three rappers to unleash over. And boy do they do it with style!

First on the mic is Don Tegbo AKA Afro Sam followed by 17 year old Blind MIC and lastly, Cheech. I was going to write on all three rappers AfroSamindividually but decided not to as the article would have ended up without much variation, because I can say the same for all three. First, flow and delivery. On-point, eloquent pronunciation and seriously professional handling of the mic, all three rappers spit effortlessly like they’ve doing this at the big time for years. Each MC also carries that uniqueness in their voice which a lot of rappers don’t seem to get any more. You judge a singer or vocalist on the tone, clarity and rarity of their voice,blindmic why not rappers? Secondly, the writing skill. Penmanship from these three is next level. Lyrics are intricate and intelligent. Full of the cleverness the English language enables, the lyrics are captivating, entertaining and most importantly, original. Finally its clear from the video that these guys exude Hip Hop class. UK Hip Hop has for years needed to forge a property identity for itself and I believe personally this has only just been coming about in the last few years and probably the younger generation coming up has been making that happen.

So the beat, flow, lyrics. All nailed. How to finish off this spectacular introduction with complete fervour? Present it with a stylishly directed music video that perfectly fits the feel and vibe of the track for a highly polished introduction to the up and comings from Manchester’s finest. Seriously a city I’m so proud of at the moment, 2015 is going to be big for the big M C R!







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