SYZMIC – Appreciation

Our Bass Addictions first play of 2015 comes from the fast developing electronic music producer SYZMIC and this deep and progressive original play, ‘Appreciation’.

Starting with a minimal four the floor beat, the track imbues a continuing sense of build up, advancing through the beat, bar on bar, progressing and gathering in strength as the track plays. The deep, forceful bass kick eventually taking charge as faint hints of the tracks melody air in from behind and Mike ‘Young Lion’ Anderson’s original vocal cuts hint at the magnitude of whats about to follow. The track then kicks up a gear, the metallophone chords and subtle echoing synths bring the record to the next level as Andersons vocals gain in frequency and prominence goading the next rise in the beat before stripping back completely in preparation for the final dance.

Stylishly produced, the track is a progressing power house of deep sounds and cavernous bass as well as being as presenting a decent demo of the variation and skill in production that SYZMIC is bringing to the table. Coupled with Mike Anderons original vocals ‘APPRECIATION’ comes club ready ready to blow your mind!




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