ThisisDA – Super Arkane Album – Prod. Mankub


Been passed an album entitled ‘Super Arkane’ from London born, Bristol based rapper ThisisDa and from the outset I’m impressed. This is definitely one of those examples of a perfect match between rapper and producer because the album exudes a mastery of both lyricism and beat production which is immediately recognisable.

thisisdaThe album embodies a pure feeling of Hip Hop in its more classical forms. Beats are big, full of instrumentation; blaring brass sections battle impervious percussion hits while funked out bass guitar riffs walk the bars and blissful piano melodies charm the beat, everything mixing together to create a sensational level of framework for ThisisDA to recite over. The beats laid down by Manchester producer Mankub are big and full of energy but DA’s commanding flow and natural rapping ability enable an ease of entanglement as the skilled lyricist delivers his words. There’s an essence of old school flair in the penmanship and the rapper is able to cover a multitude of subjects and styles and deliver them with vigour and ease.

The album flows from funked out big beat Hip Hop through to darker and more ominous rhythms covering a multitude of emotional spectrum’s. And again, it’s the pairing of rapper and producer that captures this. That big, immaculately produced sound needs a big vocal character to counteract and play off it, and that’s what you get here. It’s a pure listening experience. Easy to put on, let play and enjoy without ever feeling the need to skip a track. A rarity among music where these days originality and overall freshness are hard to capture.

The entire album is available to listen to below as well as the video for the track ‘Lifers’ above. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath!





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