DJ Swoon – Future EP REVIEW

djswoonfutureepFinally got round to releasing this review. The six track EP was just too good and I kept getting lost in the music whilst trying to write this feature. I suppose that could be a review in itself? Yeah, you guessed it, this latest release from our friends at Intensity Records is very, very appealing! Debuting on the label, DJ Swoon brings you six tracks of face melting, roof raising, pure fire bass music to excite your senses!

Opening with the uplifting, fantasy like ‘Aquatic’ which shifts from soulful Deep House through to ratchet Trap, the EP get’s off to an interesting start, leading with a striking piano melody and Swoon’s own soft vocals the track creates a state of false calm before dropping the beat hard and completely shifting gears. Next up, ‘Reflection’ with its poignant piano intro blended with a touch of Happy Hardcore lulls you into a blissful trance before dropping and turning into a Dubstep smasher of epic proportions full of screeching and screaming synths and seriously low sub bass.

‘Future’ then jumps back on the Deep House vibe but does so with a twist. The track spins and distorts its melodies while impacting synthesizers drive the beat deep a tight and a compressed vortex of a bass line sucks everything together. Rapid fire lazer hits and machine gun drum beats rattle through as various chopped vocal cuts splice themselves in-between the eclectic variation of rhythms and melodies. ‘Limitless’ begins with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Erin Powell. Erin’s gorgeous vocals resonate over an another grand piano style build up before a “bring it back” sample guides the track into another Dubstep leviathan that contains a nice blend between the upbeat and the lowdown.

‘Find My Way’, in contrast to the tracks leading up to it is far away removed from the hyper involved records it follows. A simplified beat, full of classic House elements such as the plucking guitar and slow-build-up synths come together to create what I would call a truly great House club track. Again, Swoons vocals finish the track off and give it another string for its bow. The track is a enjoyable blend of Classic and Avant-garde House and is a true nostalgia generator for any proper House music fan! Last track completely flips the levels again and takes us back into the sounds of ultra furious Dubstep. A thundering bass-line roars from the depths of the track as lead synths battle 808 high kicks and layered chords vie for space among the cavalcade of near maddening sound. Just what us real bass heads expect from our Dubstep. Noise and grime fitted together in magnificent style.

I personally loved the EP. It’s a commanding debut effort put together with such vibrant and epic style. The level of musical composition throughout the entire EP shows no attenuation, on the contrary, the EP grows in style and depth with every track. Every is highly polished and its easily recognisable that a lot of effort has gone into this release. The EP caters to and appeases many appetites. It’s a genre straddling, bass riding epic of an EP. Enjoy it, I know you will!

The Future EP is available to purchase now on the links below.






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