Sam Binga – Nuh Chat EP REVIEW

nuhchatepsambingaHad lots and lots of submissions already this year so we get to be a bit more choosy with the music we’re going to review and this new EP from Sam Binga ticks all the boxes and then some. It’s a triumphant reckoning of bass music with standards set high from the outset. The EP carries enough variance and style to warrant a full play and a place in anyone’s collection. It is a truly impressive meeting of Old and New School bass music and provides a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Tek Nuh Chat, the EP’s first track sets the standard for the rest of the record. Its massive tribal drum beat and low rumbling bass set up to trap any bass music aficionado in trance while Redders’ recital of his rhymes over the rhythm in sterling, un faltered fashion completes the sound and creates an exciting starting block for the EP.

‘Elastic’ follows, its oscillating, high pitched sine wave manipulating its way inside your ears as an energetic and sporadic beat keeps time before dropping into a chorus of heavenly, warming synths providing relief before cutting back and going again.

A simple but catchy electro inspired melody opens next track ‘Steppin’ and features the second showing of Redders on the EP. The track nods along, sambingareddersaffirmative in its actions while finding simplicity in the composition. Layered with subtle drum rolls and electronic elements and coaxed along by the distinct tones of Redders who once again goes in full fire to take the track to another level. I’m starting to like this pairing of DJ and MC, the two obviously have an affinity for the music they’re making together and the sounds created perfectly balance of one another; from producer to vocalist, the sound works!!

‘Chasin’ strides into the Jungle genre, keeping things fast and furious and classically brilliant, a proper nod to the old school bass heads. The rhythms are energetic and the beat deafening and unapologetic. The EP is finished with a remix of Sam’s hit ‘Lef Dem’ which is given a hardcore Drum and Bass make over from Enei.

The EP is well worth adding to the collection when it drops on the 26th January. It is an addictive menagerie of bass music that is near guaranteed to hook you in and take you low! Enjoy!

Released 26th January on Critical Records.






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