Rolaz – Roll With Us

Roll With UsGorgeously relaxed Liquid Drum and Bass from our man Rolaz and another true triumph in track construction.

The track opens to a fan fare of high pitched pan pipes and heavenly synths that straight away relaxes the senses and brings a smile to the face of the listener. I hate using the word ‘Nice’, it reminds me of dry biscuits but occasionally there is no better word. Sometimes simplicity is best and from the off you get the feeling that is a ‘nice’ track. A faint rumble of bass permeates through the intro before the energetic and up tempo beat kicks in, complimenting the pipes and giving the image of a futuristic steampunk locomotive gliding through a utopian metropolis of vibrant foliage and reflective glass and water.

We’re then treated to some relaxation time in the breakdown, the sound ofrolazgermany waves gently lapping the shore again spirits the listener off to an even more blissful plane, a chance to kick back in the track, take it all in and enjoy the downtime before the pipes pick back up again and the train starts moving back home. The home leg has an even more increased feeling of joyous calm, with the memories of the breakdown layered within the melodies and beats. ‘Roll With Us’ creates a myriad of mental imagery, a trip out of the bright city for some relaxation and then back again.

This track is a prime example of something Rolaz does well and that’s conjure up a moving image with the sounds he creates. It’s to me, what music should do and I have said this before. Music should take you to another place, it should give you a break from reality and allow our minds to take us where ever we wish to go. Music can be a vehicle for exploration, both in the real world and in the fantasy. For me ‘Roll With Us’ entices you to do just that, roll with the track and let it take you off somewhere else. Perfect.



Art Work Credit:
Photo Credit: Melanie Panella



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