Fourward – Foot Soldiers/Tingod EP

fourward Austrian bass music quartet Fourward have had a blistering start to the year with the release of their Shogun Audio released track ‘Phase Align’ being named as one of Beatports Top Selling DnB tracks of 2014. February 9th saw the release of their first two track EP, again released on Shogun Audio.

The double track EP starts with awesome ‘Foot Soldiers’ which has already cemented itself in the Our Bass Addiction office as a track of serious merit. A rising, ghost like synth builds the intro before the track, laden with glitchy heavy weight breaks, loaded up with piercing, pitched up brass shouts and layered with tearing tech-steps leads goes full fire and absolutely satisfies as it rips frequencies apart. Punchy, impacting, immediately addictive and seriously well crafted. This track is a beast!


The B side completely flips things and show cases another Drum and Bass triumph with ‘Tingod’. It’s ethereal-tech build up rolls seamlessly into a full blown riot of tight, compressed bass and neurofunk rhythms that envelope the listener completely. The breakdown offers slight respite before picking things back up, creating a sense of disparity before the second drop annihilates the build and brings the bass home.

Two tracks of stylishly produced, high calibre Drum and Bass. We’ve come to expect nothing less than from the Shogun Audio stable!

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