ThisIsDa – Bounce Back Prod. Mankub

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

New track from Bristol based master of ceremonies, ThisIsDa and just as most before it, the track delivers in furious style, ticking and appeasing all the boxes and resonating beautifully between the ears of the Hip Hop aficionado.

The Manchester based big sound producer Mankub lays down another seriously intricate, room filling Hip Hop beast of a beat for Da to spit over. With a whole array of sampled instruments from the blaring and deep brass sections to the earthy, organic percussion hits of the drums the frame work created for the rapper to speak over oozes Hip Hop sensibility.

DA’s delivery as I’m coming to expect is flawlessly on point and each bar is laid down with enough fervour and gusto to warrant a serious taking of thisisda2note. I was told by another that someone had referred to the track and the lyrics as lacking substance and a message and of being ”self indulgent”. Biggest load of Hipster bullshit I’ve heard for a while. For a start, Hip Hop has always been partly about self indulgence, it’s always been a major part of the Hip Hop life style. The track may lack a serious, poignant message but again, not all Hip Hop is about preaching on the problems of the world. Hip Hop should do one of two things, it should either tell a story or it should the tear the mother f&@king roof off. This track does the latter of the two and does it massively; and like I said before, oozes Hip Hop sensibility.

One final thing that Hip Hop has always been about, f&@king the haters!  Remember that!





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