Joshua Casper ft Irie Bear – Wicked Situation FREE DOWNLOAD


A huge new Dubstep anthem has found its way to our inbox courtesy of the guys at High Intensity Records and the new addition to their rapidly growing family, Joshua Casper.

The track is a richly styled Reggae-Dubstep infusion of serious calibre. Deep, rumbling sub bass tones immediately rattle from the 19″ subwoofer sat in the OBA office, while pipes and horns serenade the beat and the truly wicked Dub MC Irie Bear leads the charge in the build up. The track starts with a chilled vibe but progresses throughout as its syncopated, ticking, electric rhythm pads along, willing the listener to bob along and become one with the beat, the whole time Irie’s distinct tones keeps the whole sound together in harmony. Then just past the half way mark, after a short breakdown the track hits the level and goes full fire for the last few bars providing us with the bass-filled satisfaction required of any Dubstep track.

‘Wicked Situation’ is a technically impressive piece of music. The way the synths are utilised and manipulated, the layering of beats and melodies andjosh the overall impact of the crisp and clean yet gloriously bass filled notes that echo out. I often tell new House Music producers to listen to Dubstep even if they don’t like it, listen to it and appreciate it for its technical merit and then try making something similar. ‘Wicked Situation’ is a stellar demonstration in technical track production and is exactly the kind of example I would show to any budding Music Producer.

Have a listen to the track and follow the guys below.






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