SYZMIC – New Dawn: Colosseum

syzmic new dawn
We’ve been following Syzmic’s progression as a producer for some time now and we’ve seen a gradual and steady improvement in his skill in the music he’s been creating and as you know, we’ve been thoroughly impressed thus far.

Syzmic’s ethos is a musical statement he’s tagged ‘Mansion Music’. Speaking to Syzmic, real name Simon Aldred, he describes the namesake as “like House Music, just BIGGER”. With this new track we can clearly see, or indeed hear, what he’s getting at. And boy what a fucking track it is. The next level has just been attained. This is the ‘New Dawn: Colosseum’.

From the off we get assaulted; a deep, reverbing snare and kick drum combo set the beat pattern while a subtle but powerful sub bass line sets the tone. The beat pattern is instantly addictive, resonating in glorious fashion with the listener, grabbing hold and exciting the senses for what could be about to come. Stanton Warriors said ”If you’ve got a good drum beat you can listen to it on its own and love it” and the same could be said about this ear stimulating ensemble; a mix of distorted, walking bass commands the flow, hypnotising and tantalising the brain receptors while a break beat backbone hammers the rhythm together.

The track continues to build in power and technicality, a sharp blast of a synthesized horn signals the next rise while the overall velocity and aggressiveness of the beat increases. Etheral, harp like chords resonate from within while layered, subtle vocal cuts give the beat another edge. A break beat cut finishes the first crescendo at the half way point leading the way to the fantasy like breakdown; the addictive but strangely eerie melody lulling the listener into a blissful trance before the deep, blaring horns return sounding the alert for the final drop and the coming together of the powerful, aggressive beat and fantasy-esque breakdown theme; combined in perfect style, the calm meeting the storm and getting along perfectly!

The track is a thoroughly satisfying listen. It’s conception and delivery are both original and well executed and done so with style and gritty aggression. With ‘New Dawn Colosseum’, there is a marked rise the technical ability of the man producing the music. It shows a producer firmly finding his feet and his rhythm as well as starting to cement that foundation for the sound he calls Mansion Music.




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