Sparkz – Kno The Sound


Manchester is throwing out some serious Hip Hop lately. But not just the usual simple beat, bit of bass and some aggressive lyrics mix that we’ve been used to in recent years. We’ve been getting back to proper instrumentals, proper track construction. Energetic, live and wholly engrossing performances; most importantly, the tracks are memorable. Room 2 Records appears to be leading the revolution with an already large catalogue of releases under the stable name from some of the most talented underground artists and producers in the UK.

This new track from Sparkz ticks all the boxes. As well as holding rapping credits, Sparkz also produces; a sick, brass backed beat of organic sounding drums and charming higsparkz-manchesterh pitched wind instruments with blasts of horns and trumpets ringing through give the track a grand feeling and lifts it above a large sway of what’s released today. And as far as lyricism and penmanship go Sparkz is on another level. The craftsmanship and ability to rhyme complex words and bars together appears to come very naturally and his delivery is absolutely flawless. There is an air of deserved arrogance in the flow and the ease in which the track is delivered shows a performer absolutely comfortable with his craft.

This is proper Hip Hop. Loud and bouncy, edgy whilst still remaining fun and upbeat. It’s get you bobbing and moving from the first trumpet to the last bar. Another reason why Manchester is THE city to watch in 2015!





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