Spectrasoul – Always / I Don’t Mind EP

Some seriously impacting Drum and Bass here for your ears courtesy of our friends at Shogun Audio and production powerhouse duo Spectrasoul and their latest two track EP.

First up is the beautifully composed ‘Always’. The track opens with a frantic drum pattern laid over the top of an ethereally alluring piano melody. The drum pattern subsides slightly letting the black and white keys set the scene while a powerful vocal signals the first drop. The frantic drum pattern returns this time back up by a chorus of low, rumbling bass and more distinct beat hits. The piano melody is faded into the background and gives the track a sense of spirit and class. I love the engorging, developing bass that growls out from the midst of the track and rumbles for more attention. It’s a hair tingling sound and hits those low frequency receptors full on!

Next we have a veritable bass monster in the form of ‘I Don’t Mind’. The track starts off lightly, a tingling almost crystal like beat sets the tempo and gives the impression of another record from the softer side of the DnB tracks is about roll up. But then the beat drops and the sub’s go nuts. The feral, attacking bass lines roars and shudders it ways from the bars of the track giving any bass addict a deeply satisfying rush. The track is a wolf in sheeps clothing, a track that turns up in a below the knee skirt and leaves in suspenders; a serious dark horse!

spectrasoulTwo tracks of pure Drum and Bass bliss that encompass both the lighter and heavier sides of the genre. The tracks represent the first snippets of 18 months worth of work from the lads and their new album ‘The Mistress’ is due out in May 2015 released on Shogun Audio.





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