Sangy ft Blind MIC & Afro Sam – One Night

one-night-sangy Before I write this one I need to make one thing exceptionally clear. All views put down on this blog are mine and my own. The only thing that influences my writing is the music I’m listening to. I have an affinity for Manchester but that doesn’t mean I’ll write gold about lead. If it’s good I’ll tell you and you can absolutely believe that I believe in every word I say. You can see where I’m going with this right? I’m about to write another blinding review!

Start with the beat as I always do. It’s a Pro P special and boy is it a nice sound. It carries a proper laid back, Latin feel to it. Twangy Spanish guitar with a simple drum beat and enough bass to make it bump. Layered up with a spectral synth sample that fades in and out giving the track another level of atmosphere. Its smooth, it’s addictive, it oozes a kind of cartel-style class and it provides the perfect frame work for the three lyricists to recite over.
Now onto the wordsmiths and first up is 17 year old prodigy Blind MIC. A young man that is well ahead of his years both in talent and experience and it shows in the memoirs he shares in his wordplay; his experiences of playing Friday night gigs when you’re not even old enough to be in the club and the buzz generated gives good insight into what this talented young man is all about. Next up, Sangy, the titular man, brings a drawl, deep voiced charm to his track. Again, another talented lyricist with ease of flow and distinct style. There is no struggle in the delivery, no struggle to understand his words despite the accent. Sangy is yet another Manc with a natural affinity for rapping and performs with effortless style. Last, but by no least, Afro Sam raps up the track, his chilled pace and relaxed attitude offers up a third helping of lyrical perfection to the bars and joins the rappers before him as being another with a clear cut talent for rhyming and emceeing.

The track follows a life in the night of each of the artists, and through the various metaphors, similes and analogies captures the spirit and buzz of performing perfectly. Even without the crystal clear visuals of the video (I listened the track over and over with eyes on my paper) the ideal pairing of beat and lyrics created an unending horde of vivid moving pictures within my head. I love it when music does this. A track that you can visualise as you listen to it will become far more memorable than one that offers no real perception. And as for the video itself. It’s an easily created concept but the style and approach taken gives it a clean, high level feel and the subtle techniques used throughout take what could of been a typically uninteresting music video and turn into a captivating visual feast that gels perfectly with the track it was created for.

Enjoy, let us know what you think in the comments and as ever, follow, like and keep up with Sangy, Blind MIC and Afro Sam on the links below.







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