Ministry Of Sound: Anthems: Drum & Bass REVIEW

anthems-drum-and-bass-main Bass addicts we have something truly special for you here. The veritable holy grail of Drum and Bass and a sure fire addition to any 180 BPM lovers collection; Ministry of Sounds, Anthems: Drum & Bass.

A three disc, sixty track odyssey through the history of Drum & Bass; Anthems take you on a journey through the last couple of DnB dominated decades and provides a perfect audible summary to the high energy sounds that made it memorable.


Old School masters and pioneers of the genre rub figurative shoulders with the New School, the future taste makers and champions of the scene. Classics and genre defining records such as Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’ stand shoulder to shoulder with modern masterpieces like Nero’s ‘Act Like You Know’ and Sub Focuses ‘Rock It’.

Disc one starts with the classics. Twenty tracks of memory inducing pleasure from greats like Micky Finn, Jungle Brothers, Adam F, Roni Size and so many more of the pioneers that made us fall in love with the genre. Tracks such as the instantly recognizable and totally unforgettable ‘Chopper’ and the iconic ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ start the trip down the Jungle filled memory lane.

Disc two is all about the breakthroughs, the artists and tracks that took an underground genre into the mainstream and cemented the scene a lot of people know today. Starting off Shy FX & T-Power’s ‘Shake Your Body’ which absolutely dominated the radio shows of 2001 and moving on through archetypal tracks such as D.Kay & Epsilons ‘Barcelona’ and Dilinja’s ‘Twist Em Out’. The disc features one of my all time favourite tracks, High Contrast’s ‘Return of Forever’ and gave me a lot of pleasure when I came across it and I’m there’s a track on here like that for everyone!


Disc three wraps up with avant-garde masterpieces. Massive tracks of the modern era such as Rudimentals behemoth of a record ‘Feel The Love’ and DJ Fresh’s huge summer anthem ‘Gold Dust’ stand shoulder to shoulder with infectious, cutting edge plays like the brilliant ‘Through The Night’ from Drumsound & Bassline Smith and Sub Focuses legendary ‘Rock It’. Current champions and future torch bearers of the genre, Nero, Pendulum, Chase & Status, Brookes Brothers and so many more great Drum and Bass kings round out the mix in style and wrap up another class act of a compilation from Ministry of Sound.

Drum and Bass is an enduring genre. Where so many others have come and gone, the DnB scene has always remained strong. Evolving, changing and always growing. Anthems: Drum and Bass represents the absolute cream of DnB crop, every track a masterpiece and definition of the genre in its own right. For any true Drum and Bass fan, Anthems represents everything we love about 180BPM magic. Get it now.

PURCHASE MoS: Anthems Drum & Bass HERE!




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