MC Fox – Shiddley Widdley Skang Dang Diddley Woi EP REVIEW

You ready for this mouthful? ‘Shiddleywiddleyskangdangdiddleywoi’! Now say it two times fast! Nope, I’m not offering up tongue twisters, ‘ Shiddleywiddleyskangdangdiddleywoi’ is the name of MC Fox’s blinding new EP. A six track journey through the up’s and down’s, the loves and hates and years of craft honing experiences that make Fox the artist he is. Manchester born, Jamaican educated Fox is a legfox-3end of the Manchester club scene and has been hosting, emceeing and creating for over two decades. This EP is a culmination of everything strived for and a truly brilliant listen. Aided by another of Manchester’s modern musical idols, Chimpo, who takes charge of beats and bass, ‘Shiddleywiddleyskangdangdiddleywoi’ is another flashing sign for the Manchester scene.

The silky smooth styling’s of ‘Trouble Come a Callin’ gets things underway. It’s, relaxed late night vibes disguise a more ominous undertone and a musical warning. The track starts with Fox’s serenade over the minimal, effortlessly serene melody and once he’s done delivering his harmonies picks up the pace and raps his message perfectly and poignantly. Fox is a veteran and a man full of world experience. You can hear this in his delivery, there is true emotion in this track and I’m already grinning in anticipation for the next one, it’s a perfect opener and definitely leaves you wanting more!

‘War’ gives Fox a real chance to shine and show off his legendary emcee chimposkills. A distinctly Chimpo riddim; its gloopy, plodding beat and mystic core put down the basis for the lyricist to go in hard over and he doesn’t disappoint. Two tracks down, two massive thumbs up so far! Now onto ‘Animal Kingdom’ and possibly the hardest record on the EP and most definitely my favourite. Fox is joined by another larger than life legend in the form of the pioneering Fallacy and the two absolutely destroy the uptempo urban anthem. The track is big; the blasting horns, the furiously delivered bars and the pounding bass. This is a behemoth of a track and I absolutely LOVE IT!

‘Heineken High’ slows things after the tirade that’s just come before, Chimpo’s frequency-oscillating magic-rhythms again present Fox the perfect opportunity to lay some bars. A manipulated vocal intro paves the way for Fox to put down more fire over the Dubstep-esque beat. It is again, another completely addictive track on what is fast becoming an addictive EP. The track has a fun funk to it and just adds even more variance and extroverted excitement to the collective. This EP needs to be heard and it wants to be shared just like any true extrovert would!

‘Soul Food’ is another class act. I was kinda sceptical about a track that’s fox-2subject material is mainly about food and was all in preparation for a track that maybe I wasn’t going to get along with as much as the others on the EP. Nope, I was wrong! The track has a certain charm to it; its fantasy like beat and Fox’s echoing vocals in the chorus provide an ear grabbing melee of sound and a clever ballad of food, music and industry.

The EP is wrapped up with its most striking, deeply emotive track ‘Story Never Changes’. A very sombre message about requited violence and sudden ends to troubled lives. The track has a ‘memorial’ feel to it and tells tales of an often cruel world. The track is a proper chance for Fox to recite the stories of fallen friends and he does it poignancy and justice. Again, the years of experience, emotion and well seasoned skill with the quill and ink coupled with Fox’s distinct delivery create another powerful parable and perfect round out to the EP.

I thoroughly and truly enjoyed writing this review. The EP contains a myriad of styles and techniques and encapsulates a whole range of emotions. Fox fox-4has worked hard for the skill he possesses and put these to full use on the EP. It’s an absolute banger of a record, every track a proper masterpiece in its own form and is wholly deserved of your patronage. Manchester is strong, and it’s because of artists like MC Fox that make it so!






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