Our Bass Addiction visits: The Coors Light Ice Bar Manchester


Last Friday I cordially accepted an invite from Coors Light to attend the launch night for their pop Ice Bar in Manchester’s Spinningfields. Rudimental and a host of DJ comp winners would be providing the music and Coors Light were providing the beers and some very strange cocktails!
The bar itself was very well created albeit a little small once everyone was crammed in front of the decks. You walk into an Alpine style ski lodge, grab a pint and poncho and then head through the freezer door and into the Ice Bar. Inside here, the walls are lined with ice, there are ice-wolf sculptures, ice angels and even the deck setup is made from…..ICE! Very cool, very classy and something completely new for Manchester. The Ice Bar provides an exciting, unique venture for Manchester, if only a temporary one but with the cities ever increasing trade in tourism, maybe a bar of this kind could find place for a longer duration or even permanently? Remember, it is “cold up narf!”


Onto the music and it’s got to be said, I was rather excited to see Rudimental live in such an intimate setting but ended up thoroughly disappointed. Technical issues aside (something kept cutting out?) the mix was a real let down. No one is disputing Rudimentals skill on the tables, they clearly have it, but that night, it felt they we’re doing something they just couldn’t be that bothered with. It was like a wedding DJ set, minimal mixing and more like CD switching. And track selection was a bit all over the show, they’d a play an anthem and then drop some odd rendition of Bad Boys afterwards and completely kill the vibe. It was weird. That being said, the room seemed to enjoy it, but I was disappointed.

However, a very refreshing and unexpected ear catching set though came from Coors Light DJ Comp Winners (as judged by Mix Mag) Mocca. Mocca followed Rudimental and even though the crowd was smaller, won the moccaroom and the ears of the Cold Bar dancers in cool, classy fashion. An upbeat mix of House and Nu Disco grooves that never lost pace or let the energy die resuscitated the feeling and got the room rising. A flawless, well compiled mix that caught my ear and attention and prompted the need for a quick introduction. Mocca were so impressive that Coors Light invited them back the next night which they played almost entirely. Talking to Mocca, you quickly develop an understanding of the appreciation they have for playing a good set, what it means to make a room dance and to have people leave happy. Definitely a duo to watch out for, Mocca have a whole host their own nights up and down the country starting with Joshua Brooks, Manchester on the 16th April.

Special mention has got to be given to the final DJ of the night and another Mix Mag comp winner, Bailey90. Bailey brought baileythe bass hard and delivered enough low frequency thunder to thoroughly satisfy any bass addict. Our Bass Addiction LOVES BASS!

You’ve got only got tonight and tomorrow left before the bar melts and there’s walk up slots available, so get down and have some fun in the ice!

The whole setup, something completely unique for Manchester
The Coors Light staff. Brilliant, upbeat staff, every club needs a crew like that!
Mocca’s ear-catching set






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