Oren Barzilay – Boy (Shekel Remix)

Shekel is back with a more mature, technically capable and slightly tamer approach to producing, or at least, that’s what he’d like us to believe!

It’s been sometime since we heard anything from the Persian Prince. In fact, over two years had passed since his last upload and we were starting wonder if all bets were off for a Shekel return. Then, just over a week ago, I was flicking through Facebook when I noticed a post from Shekel; “New music from me! i’ve been waiting too long to write this”. At first I couldn’t quite believe it; my year had been made as early as March and my excitement level went stratospheric!

Oren Barzilay’s original track is already a moody, emotion filled affair full of deep, cavernous bass, melodic breakdowns and of course, those unforgettable vocals! The remix is subtle but clear. A tempo change gets things moving a bit quicker and the percussion gets tightened up and punches through more. Snare hits come thicker and faster and everything resonates with an air of oscillation and syncopation. The sound isn’t too heavy, but it’s distinctive and definitely puts the track on a whole nother level.

I love this new approach. I love that we’re hearing a more mature, studiously crafted sound from Shekel but I’m also hoping that the energy, the darkness, the undeniably furious intensity that he’s brought in the past isn’t gone altogether. Towards the end, the track distorts and starts to tear apart. Hints and screams of classic Dubstep blow through the cadence, possibly giving us a little cheeky nod that despite the change of sound, the filth is still lurking somewhere in the obscurity. I for one, am tangible at the thought of what we might hear next from the Persian Prince!

You should also check out the original from Oren Barzilay and the video below.





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