syzmic-chvrches-gun Do remixes come much more perfect than this? SYZMIC takes four minutes of Chvrches Electro-Pop wonder ‘Gun’ and turns into a beautiful, mesmerizing, completely enrapturing near nine minutes of pure Progressive House pleasure.

The track starts heavy, a massive but minimal, speaker busting reverbing snare powers its way out of the speakers as a classic 4×4 beat keeps time. Laura Mayberrys enchanting vocals drop in perfectly and already we’ve got the makings of a classic club track. But it doesn’t stop there. Electro- synthesized keys bathe the beat in a layer of hair-tingling contentment for the next 16 bars, pulsing and stabbing away before the track changes again; a simple hi hat is added to drum roll, a simple but powerful core change that ramps everything up as the record progresses. Everything has a slightly sinister sound to it, and air of disturbance mixed with a large dose of pure ecstasy; meant of course, in the actual sense of the word.

Next we get a build up of melody, the keys bouncing away urging you to move with the beat as the almost elastic sounding, ear grabbing synths return in force. The beat comes heavier, expelling its authority over the rhythm and driving the track hard. The beat drops out for the first minor breakdown before bringing every element back in and quickly followed up with a thunder striking second drop and the re return of those gorgeous synths who this time come accompanied by a smartly placed break beat drum rhythm; adding yet another level of depth to this already hugely multi faceted track. And we’re only three and a half minutes in!

As we approach the half way mark the levels fall out and Laura Mayberrys ultra enchanting vocals resonate over a blissful synthesized breakdown which bubbles and reverberates as it builds in stamina and pace. The vocals fade out as a sharp high hit kicks the track up a gear, before an ear-splitting drum roll drives the track into overdrive and Mayberry once again drenches the beat with her utterly enthralling voice.

The vocals fade away once as again the tracks changes shape with ease and fluidity, morphing and evolving into a deep tech odyssey. A low bass line carries an enchanted chorus of rhythmic drums and melodic synths as the music takes the listener on a journey to the end of the track. It’s calming pads and warm tone, soothing the beat and creating a perfect extended climax. Everything about the remix is tight, so perfectly put together and, even for a track of nearly nine minutes, totally enchanting.




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