chuckz & Duo Duo create something pretty special!


Black Period is the latest project from young Manchester rapper Chuckz and is another breath of fresh air in these days of musical uniformity. The whole EP is just short of fifteen minutes but in that minimal amount of time Chuckz and producers Duo Duo are able to showcase a wide range of styles and sounds and create a showcase worthy record – and Chuckz demonstrable talent with a pen and mic once again demonstrates part of the immeasurable talent pool that Manchester is currently offering up.

Duo Duo has produced a whole host of soulful, melodic beats for Chuckz to do his thing over. From classical chuckzguitar infused rolling rhythms to ethereal low frequency bangers and future vibing, synth-infused power ballads, all with an under tone and hint of classic Hip Hop. The EP has got a huge range of sound for such a short affair and each beat is a listening pleasure in its own right. I love all the little touches as well; the extra layering in tracks, spliced voice over’s, the gorgeous use of synthesized melodies.

Chuckz has got a wide ranging vocal and rapping style. He carries a softer, younger sounding tone to his voice but despite this still holds an air of experience and still carries weight in his delivery. There’s no aggression in his conveyance which again is another enjoyable breath of fresh air. Too many rappers sound pissed off just for the sake of being pissed off but Chuckz remains relaxed and nonchalant and all the while remaining completely captivating in his delivery. Substance of content is seriously brilliant as well. Chuckz has definitely got an affinity for rhyming and his grasp of wordplay and balladry is in some parts borderline genius. The EP definitely has a determined poetic feel to it, both in verse and beat.

Black Period is innovative, impacting piece of music. It breaks the mould again in what people might expect of UK Hip Hop, especially in the minds of our cousins across the pond. It’s short, but very satisfying and ultra enjoyable. It’s a near perfect fifteen enrapturing minutes of Hip Hop soul, a joyous mountain of big beats and melodic synths capped with a layer of chilled, intricate and enthralling lyricism.

The album can be purchased here and of course, you should definitely do so!






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