Fre4knc’s desolately memorable ‘Chain of Command EP’

pr237_plasma_003_cover_new_3_1-39diy49seyckx (1)Dutch DnB producer Fre4knc’s got a new two track EP incoming and boy is it a desolately memorable one!

Side A contains Chain of Command – a brilliant sci-fi soundscape incorporating piece of Drum and Bass with a distinctly minimal and slightly apprehensive sound – creating an air of suspense and abandonment. It glitches and ticks its way through five minutes of mood inducing sound and even with almost every element but the essential drum and rhythm pattern removed it’s still manages to suck you right in. Layered up and streaked with demonic, growling synths and enveloping dark horns; the track is built for the late night, head down skankers who need little more than an up-tempo drum beat to get in a trance to.

The B side provides us with ‘SInjek’ another DnB dark destroyer that follows in much the same light as ‘Chain of Command’ – utilising a very minimal drum pattern but this time with a slight variation of synths and the various elements layered into the track. I particularly like that mutated sounding filler that regurgitates on the beat – it’s an ear catching sound that fits well with the industrial sounding, wasteland esque beat.

Two tracks of alternative, darkly hypnotising Drum and Bass due for release on April 20th courtesy of Plasma Audio.





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