Album Of The Year? SAMO SOUND BOY’S Debut Studio LP – Begging Please

samo-sound-boy-begging-pleaseAlbum of the year? A strong statement to make at the very start of a review – but this is strong piece of music that makes its own statement right from the very start!

It’s a beautifully stringent, meticulously crafted affair – as tight and as well produced as any record you will likely ever hear. Every track, and I mean every track is a perfect blend of synthesized rhythms, body pumping beats and lush melodies – each carrying themselves with an almost cinematic grace.

Samo Sound Boy, real name Same Grisemer is a Manhattan native who currently resides in L.A where he co-founded Body High Records with friend and co-producer Jerome LOL. Also one half of DJ Dodger Stadium with his label boss mate, Sam has also released three solo EP’s since 2011. ‘Begging Please’ is the culmination of two years work and is his début studio LP.

The albums course follows the path of the breakdown of a relationship. These sorts of ultimatums often leave us with a plethora of inspiration to tap into – our partners that have left us or been left behind become our new muse. Masked in a troop of gorgeous, alluring analogue synths patterns, the slow, painful, all-consuming sentiment rears its ugly head in the most beautiful of fashions. Sam, through the medium of music more than successfully manages to turn pain into pure joy – his work, time taken and effort put into every track shines through every break as bright as the sun cracking the dawn.

The stark contrast between abandonment and joy is matched effortlessly, each providing a ying to the others yang and
cementing the continuing battle of emotions into the core of the track. Tracks like ‘What Can I Do’ demonstrate this perfect concoction brilliantly.

Albums like this don’t require pages and pages of adulation, the music speaks for itself. Regardless of what genre you term avatars-000141921733-86tlt6-t500x500yourself to you should forget it and just listen. Let it suck you in and take you away. Let it transfer its emotion from maker to consumer in the most perfect of ways – via the channels and frequencies; the oscillation and distortion, the perfectly combined melodic, rising synths and time keeping, rhythmic beats; all blended in sterling fashion to create what it surely set to be a timeless collection of music.

And what’s more amazing; the album manages to capture something that should, in all fairness be a terrible, heart wrenching affair – but instead it manages to uplift and enthuse. It’s the way every track constantly rises – each becoming a continual crescendo of feeling encapsulated in rising vocals; blissful piano melodies and powerful, moving beats.

I’ve mentioned it before but the synth work on this album really does require special mention. Samo’s background is in analogue wizardry and these expertise have been used to great effect on this album. Tracks like ‘The Only Thing’ demonstrate the immeasurable talent and precision Samo has with the synthesizer. I also love the way each track fades out. As the beat disperses you can catch faint echoes and twists of elements you couldn’t previously quite catch in full. It’s a simple touch, and it just adds another factor to each track.

For me personally the album is perfect.  Exceptionally well crafted, beautifully sounding and resolutely powerful in its subtle core feeling.  It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to in the absolute definition of the word.  It is, as far as we’re concerned, a master piece and you should most definitely make this an addition to your collection!

You can purchase ‘Begging Please’ here PURCHASE





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