Fire From The Cold Northern Reaches Of Finland – Rejections: the Remix EP


Almost three years on from the release of ‘Rejections’ – Finnish native Neveready has dropped his remix EP featuring refits from the likes of Jonny Wanha, L-Wiz, Puisto Osasto, Stene & Dullatron, Bob Citrus ,Vesa Matti, Faible and Konfusion.

The album provides the perfect escape vehicle just kick back and unwind to. Smooth as silk, each remix is absolutely rammed full of feeling and soul. The EP contains an eclectic mix of styles and crosses genres frequently.

Beginning with L-Wiz’s super cool, funked out remix of ‘Capone’ – with its blissful melodies and heavenly choral synths – the EP gets off to a uniquely crisp start. Jonny Wanha then gets his hands on ‘Smokers Delay’, puts a super cool guitar riff infused spin on it before picking up the pace at the half way mark delivering a barrage of snare hits before retreating back into an almost Trip Hop like chilled vibe.

Vesa-Matti’s remix of ‘Old Photos’ comes next, its pounding drum line marking the start of the Dub-cross-House styled refit – with an industrial twist! We jump genres again with the next track, this time onto a definite UK Garage inspired tip with Bob Citrus’s bouncy 2 step re work. Faible & Konfusion get technical with a gorgeous liquid DnB rendition of ‘Ruychaver Street’ – a track as tight and as crisp as any track you’ll hear anywhere, ever, period!

Stene & Dullatron take the bass for a walk and revert back to an ultra chilled vibe – the sublimely nonchalant remix of ‘Consumption & Lies’ delivers the goods and just melts away the days stresses. I love its twangy, reverbing rhythms, the interspersed digitised synths and the oh so hypnotizing hollow bamboo-like beat. The pen ultimate remix on the album see’s Puisto Osasto putting his touch on the brilliant ‘O Death’. Osasto creates yet another relaxed rhythm and funk master piece, painted with a touch of 70’s Miami and layered heavily with absolute class.

From an album that has already exuded so much class, so much perfection and so much seriously decent music it’s always hard to pick a top track. However, in my very humble opinion, the best has most certainly been saved for last. I’m a fan of the dramatic, of music with an instantly timeless quality. And right from the very second Undersounds remix of ‘Sunfall & Rainshine’ markedly puts its point across. From the pulsing, prominent beat that hits like Tyson to the soulful, angelic like melodies and heart warming, mood warping rhythm. All the while remaining colossal in scope and feeling, carrying a powerful cinematic feel. A perfect swan song to a blinding collection of top flight remixes from a menagerie of seriously talented individuals.

‘Rejections – The Remixes EP’ is a thorough-bred collection of meticulously crafted music – you should most definitely grab a copy NOW!


L-WIZ lltealove_lwiz







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