ThisisDA recruits Blu and both unleash FIRE over a Mankub special!

thisisda-bluJust been passed an absolute banger from my good mate Niky ‘Mankub’ Hughes. He’s been working on another flawless joint with Bristol rapper ThisisDa. The pairing are no strangers to Our Bass Addiction (insert link) and return this time with L.A rapper Blu on ‘Won’t Change’.

ThisisDa is continually building in strength as an artist and he raps with the prowess and ease of a long time veteran. Just like he recites – “Now I got my method man it’s time to bring the pain”, you can tell – here’s a rapper who has absolutely found himself and is completely comfortable on the mic. Bluthisisda-2, champion of the US underground Hip Hop scene spits absolute fire on the track and gives the track that big, international flavour. A true cross Atlantic Hip Hop banger!

And with ManKub on production you know the back bone of the track is going to tight – and he doesn’t disappoint. Opening with the vocal cut of a 1920’s esque Jazz-Diva before dropping into one of those gorgeous organic beats he creates so well, full of raw instrumentation and big, bold sound. This time however, we’ve also got Audiosnax on hand adding a extra layer with live scratch cuts thrown into the mix.

A lot of time and effort goes into making music as good as this. It’s an instantly appealing track – addictive and impacting, classic with a modern twist. Artists and producers like these guys, who make music like this, should rest easy. The future has a certainty to it, and the music is going to blaze the path through it! Have a listen, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it!





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